Tuesday, 24 July 2018

A Poem wot I wrote

This is a poem I wrote back in early May this year while I was walking around Flatts Lane Country Park, just outside Middlesbrough. If I remember correctly, it was just after I had got out of hospital after five days of chemotherapy and it was a glorious day. There were birds singing everywhere and I was staying as much as possible in the shady woodland so that I didn't get sunburnt (chemotherapy made me more vulnerable to the sun). Sticking to the woodland, in a park well used by dog walkers did mean that as well as birds and flowers I frequently saw a less welcome sight. Here is my poem:

On a springtime walk in Flatts Lane Country Park.
by Colin Conroy

Little bags of dog poo hanging from the trees
Pungent plums blowing in the breeze
Light glistens playfully on the black polythene

Black charred tree stump, empty cans beneath
Is this some ancient lightning strike and a neolithic midden?

Despite the crap the Blackcap, Willow Warbler, Wren
Chaffinches and Robins, sing their glorious song

Bird cherry blossom scent triumphs oe’r the pong

Copyright Colin Conroy, 9th May 2018

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